Veterinary surgeons are required to provide their contact information and emergency contact details (for the purpose of controlling, eradicating or preventing the spread of diseases and declared pests) to the VSBQ.

Update your details

Complete the online form (choose "Change your details on the register")

If you wish to request a hard copy of the form, please phone or email us your postal address. Phone +61 (0)7 3087 8777 or email

How to provide contact information

The registration renewal form includes fields for recording contact information and emergency contact details. The application for registration form also collects this information. The legislation also requires that if a registered veterinary surgeon's contact details or emergency contact details change, they must notify the VSBQ within 21 days of the details changing.

What contact information must you provide?

Contact information includes the veterinary surgeon's or applicant's business address, postal address, residential address and emergency contact details. Emergency contact details includes a telephone number and email address at which the veterinary surgeon or applicant may be contacted immediately, during or outside of ordinary business hours for the purpose mentioned in section 29C of the Act. This information could include the after hours contact details of the veterinary practice or the after hours paging or answering service for the veterinary practice.

Who has access?

Access to emergency contact details is constrained to the chief executive and chief executives of other State Government departments only for the purpose of providing information about controlling, eradicating or preventing the spread of exotic or other diseases or declared pests. It would be a breach of the legislation should a chief executive use emergency contact details for other purposes.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2023