The online form will be activated during the renewal period which opens 1 December and closes on 31 January the following year:
Online Registration Renewal Form

Please DO NOT guess your Registration number, if you are currently registered you can check for your number on the Register or telephone +61 7 3087 8777.

If you wish to request a hardcopy of the form please telephone the above number or email your request (including your postal address) to

It is the responsibility of all veterinarians to renew their registration annually.

The Board's statutory responsibility is to remove from the Register the name of any person who has not renewed their registration by 31 January in each year. It is not responsible for locating that person before doing so.

Veterinarians will receive communication from the Board as deemed necessary. Circulars addressing important issues and the annual notice for renewal of registration (issued late November/early December) will be forwarded to the last nominated email address given to the Board.

You MUST notify the Board notified immediately of any change in your business, private, email or postal address. Changes to emergency contact details must also be notified within 21 days. View the online form and choose the option 'Change your details' on the register.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2023